Guest Blog: Howdah You Do? – Something Else California Anti Gun Politicians Are Stealing From You

To bring our readers and customers a variety of interesting and educational information, will feature contributions from various members of our gun community. This week, Joe Drammissi, board member of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, writes about another pistol taken away by the state of California. Often when we discuss the assault on

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ICYMI: THUMB GRIP Provides Correct Off-Hand Placement for Pistol Shooting

Developing a more resourceful solution to maximize a shooter’s off hand, Cross Armory engineered the THUMB GRIP. A simple, yet effectively accessory that fits on all pistols under the rail, the product was designed as shooters evolve toward a maximum surface-contact style. The THUMB GRIP delivers increased accuracy, reduced recoil, strengthened grip and more confidence

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AI System Warns When Gun Appears in Video

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all over the news in recent months as its popularity continues to dramatically rise. Now, researchers at the University of Granada have taken their shot at developing AI capabilities to detect guns in videos. Per, researchers designed a computer system based on new AI techniques to automatically detect when a person

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