AR-15 MIL-SPEC California Compliance Kit


Cross Armory FLOP STOP 8
CA MIL-SPEC Compliance Kit - 1
Safe Mag
CA MIL-SPEC Compliance Kit - 2

AR-15 MIL-SPEC California Compliance Kit


  • Easiest reloading system for MIL spec AR-15 and M4 rifles in regulated states like California
  • QUICK PINS instantly and securely locks the receivers together
  • SAFE MAG prevents the removal of the magazine from your rifle without disassembly of the action when properly installed
  • FLOP STOP with PIN PAL reduces separation of upper & lower receivers when pivoted about a more durable front takedown pin system

Cross Armory compliance products are of the highest standard materials and have quickly become known as the best reloading system in California. QUICK PINS, SAFE MAG – MIL-SPEC and FLOP STOP with PIN PAL covers every aspect of reloading while in the regulated state of California. Following the letter of the law, when properly installed, your magazine will be fixed into the magwell until the action has been disassembled without and any wear and tear to your build.