AR-15 New York Permanent Magazine SIDE LOADING Bundle


  • QUICK and SAFE fixed magazine device; prevents the removal of the magazine from your AR-15 (without destruction of the permanent locking features) when properly installed
  • RELOAD QUICKLY from the side while magazine stays in place
  • Compliance solution for states such as New York that require a “permanently locked magazine”

Kit includes 1 Cross Armory AR FIXED MAG and 1 Bear Flag Defense BF-10

If you live in a state that requires your magazine be permanently fixed into the magwell, AR Fixed Mag is the most simple, cost effective solution on the market. Unfortunately, gun owners in these states are then required to reload in an unconventional manner. That’s why we have partnered with Bear Flag Defense to help ease the pain of reloading in these states. Lock your favorite magazine onto your AR with AR Fixed Mag and then side load with the BF-10. Simple. Easy. Fast.