Our Mission

Our mission at Cross Engineering is to invent weapon modifications and accessories that improve on existing weapon systems. The company was founded by Wes and Savannah Cross in 2016.

Cross Engineering develops products under its Cross Armory brand with the simple purpose of improving the shooting experience. We started with an idea for a single product, the Cross Armory Thumb Grip.

With pistol shooting evolving toward a “maximum surface contact” style, we wanted to develop a way to use our off hand in a more efficient way. The challenge was getting in this “full contact” position comfortably, without contacting the moving slide.

Professionals and Special Forces have used this style for years now, but without the help of aiming accessories. We wanted to put the power back in our hands, both of them.

Getting the off hand up to the barrel height and forward was the main goal.  This position should aid accuracy and improve the users response to recoil. In particular, this will help to make hitting the target more likely. With better control of the recoil the target can re-acquire more quickly. Keeping us on target.

With the same goal in mind, we launched Cross Armory Quick Pins and Safe Mag in 2017. A troubling number of states have been passing laws intended to inconvenience legal owners of guns. While we cannot do anything about the laws, we can try to return some of the convenience and pleasure you enjoyed when the gun was purchased. Quick Pins and Safe Mag are engineered as modifications to standard AR-15 designs. Ease of installation and dependable & efficient functionality are top priorities.

We have several more products in our design lab. Some will be built with the intention to retain the features and functionality you like, even against the backdrop of political manipulation, and others with the simple desire to provide the shooter with greater enjoyment. All Cross Engineering products are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Who We Are

Savannah Cross, CEO

As CEO, Savannah is one of a very small number of women business leaders in the shooting industry. She is the fourth generation of a family run business back in her home state of NM and she understands what it takes to build a business for long-term success.

Her experience includes building sales and marketing organizations that understand and respond to consumer demands in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. She started with Virgin America in its first year and watched it grow to an IPO in an industry that does not look kindly on start ups. She also helped start a boutique real estate firm that did over $34 million in sales in less than two years in a team of two. She has an MBA from PLNU and lives in North County San Diego with her husband, Wes.


Richard Berwick, President

Prior to starting Cross Engineering Richard was a consultant to early stage San Diego companies across numerous industries. He provided guidance on business development, capital raising & structuring and operations. Before this Richard started businesses for Qualcomm Inc., San Diego’s most successful technology company.

At Qualcomm he established partnerships and made investments totaling more than $2 billion across five continents. He started companies and identifying leaders who could effectively build & lead teams in 11 countries on 5 continents. As Qualcomm’s representative on more than 10 Boards he provided strategic advice and management guidance. Prior to Qualcomm Richard spent 10 years at investment banks in NY an LA.

Wes Cross, Founder and CPO –  LinkedIn

Wes Cross is our Chief Product Officer and Founder, heading up Product Development and the R&D department. Wes uses his experience to streamline our design for manufacturing process, while building and implementing specialized systems that ensure the highest quality final product every time.

Wes has developed innovative products and solutions, from the 2016 Batmobile to Jet Packs, skateboards, drones, engines, turbos and more. Wes’s career has developed from designing and building Super Cars to developing and inventing products that include heavy industrial machinery and consumer products. Many of these products are still in use and sold today as individual parts or complex assemblies of components.

At Lucra Cars, Wes developed the New LC470/S/FS/R and the L148 Hyper Car. During his time at Lucra Wes was assigned to develop projects for Warner Brothers, Universal and other studios. These projects included developing the 2016 Batmobile, hero vehicles, additional vehicles for Fast and Furious Franchise, military vehicles for The Avengers films and more.

Continuing his automotive passion coupled with design and engineering, Wes spent time at Weistec Engineering. While there, Wes developed new parts and assemblies for the Mercedes AMG program, including Turbos and Supercharger systems, the World’s fastest vehicles such as the AMG SLS, McClaren SLR, AMG Black and more. Many of these high quality components and assemblies are still in production today. His expansive knowledge and experience in consumer products and design for manufacturing parts led to more design and build projects, such as building custom cabling machines for Falmat, communication systems for the military, consumer products and now the worlds best weapons systems and components at Cross Armory.