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Our mission at Cross Armory is to develop weapon accessories that improve on existing weapon systems. Improve your shooting with our  SAFE MAG, QUICK PINS and THUMB GRIP. Find out more below.


Cross Armory SAFE MAG

SAFE MAG is a safe and easy magazine release and lock system for AR-15 and M4 rifles. SAFE MAG automatically releases your magazine when the upper and lower receivers of your weapon are separated.  

SAFE MAG is among the most convenient fixed magazine lock and release system on the market.

Cross Armory QUICK PINS

Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS is designed to replace your existing rear takedown pin. QUICK PINS opens easily and locks automatically when you close your receivers.

QUICK PINS allow for the most convenient separation and locking of upper and lower receivers in the industry.


Cross Armory Thumb Grip

Cross Armory’s THUMB GRIP is a pistol accessory focused on accuracy and improving  control and confidence for all shooters.


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