On June 30, the State of California will enact the deadline for new laws and regulations regarding the possession of AR-15’s with “Bullet Buttons.”

Owners of AR-15’s and other semi-automatic rifles must be in compliance with California law on or before June 30. Any AR not registered or made to be compliant will be a felony on July 1.

Cross Armory strongly recommends against registering the AR-15 or other rifles. Instead we recommend using a fixed magazine solution or going featureless. Our products — SAFE MAG, SAFE MAG 2, AR FIXED MAG and QUICK PINS — were designed and patented to specifically allow owners to be California compliant without registering their weapon.

Our fixed magazine solutions ensure the 10-round magazine is locked in place until the shooter engages the QUICK PINS to separate the upper and lower receivers. Once the receivers are opened, our fixed magazine solutions automatically release the mag without the need for pushing a button.

The state considers any semi-automatic, centerfire rifle to be an “assault” weapon if it has any of the following:

  • No fixed magazine
  • Pistol grips (beneath action or forward)
  • Thumbhole stock
  • Adjustable stock
  • Grenade launcher or flare launcher
  • Flash suppressor
  • Magazine that accepts more than 10 rounds
  • Rifle less than 30 inches

These requirements stem from AB 1135 and SB 880.

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For more information about the deadline and requirements, visit here.

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