Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers, so we cannot offer legal advice. However, we do think the law is reasonably clear as it relates to ARs. There have been several webinars presented by NRA and CRPA that discuss the law in detail as well. 

The increased pressure from the State of California and its gun laws is making a featureless weapon less appealing to many AR-15 and AR-10 owners.

For those who want to keep their “evil features,” the AR FIXED MAG is a great solution in many cases. Engineered by Cross Armory, the AR FIXED  MAG goes about and beyond California regulations but is the perfect solution for California AR owners who cannot find a traditional maglock that will work with their model, or for those who have so many ARs that they do not wish to spend thousands of dollars converting all their builds at once.

The AR FIXED MAG, which is a bullet button solution, prevents the removal of the magazine without damaging the permanent locking features and eliminates any form of button. It keeps your platform as a California legal AR-15 in tact.

As our products become more popular, the AR FIXED MAG is a modification to our popular SAFE MAG, which was designed at our California headquarters for weapons in highly regulated states. Both devices are designed to maintain a fixed magazine within your AR-15/10.

While California owners primarily own the SAFE MAG, the AR FIXED MAG was designed for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut markets that require a permanent mag lock device.

AR-15 and -10 owners who top load their magazine will find a fast, reliable and convenient reloading system when the AR FIXED MAG is paired with the QUICK PINS.

The AR FIXED MAG is also consistent with fixed magazine laws stating a magazine may not be removed from the weapon in order to reload without destroying the permanent locking features. It can’t be removed from the weapon without using power tools.

Again, this is not a legal representation. We recommend that all of our clients do their own research by reading the law and regulations.

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