Fall is here and in less than four months the latest round of overreach from the state of California is coming.

On Jan. 1, 2018, as most gun owners in the state are aware, new ammo laws will come into effect.

It’s worth noting the new regulations again, as this will have a significant impact throughout the gun community, from mom and pop stores to someone just trying to purchase ammo.

The following will be incorporated into the law of the land per Laura Cromwell of Cabela’s:

  • Vendors must have Department of Justice approval to sell ammo. Current retailers with an ammo supply may stop providing ammunition altogether due to the process of getting DOJ consent. For hunters and shooters in rural areas who rely on mom-and-pop sporting goods stores, they may need to seek out a new supplier as well as plan on driving a lot farther to find the ammunition of their choice.
  • Importing ammunition— Californians must go to an ammunition vendor that has been approved by the DOJ. If a resident orders ammunition from a website, the ammo in question must be sent to an approved vendor for the consumer to pick up. Purchasing ammunition out of state and then returning to California runs the risk of carrying a misdemeanor charge of transporting ammo across state lines.
  • Transferring ammunition— For anyone who has ammunition they are looking to part with, you will need to enlist a DOJ-approved vendor to complete the transaction, same way you would transfer a firearm to a new owner.

For more about the upcoming legislation, visit http://sandiegocountygunowners.com/ or read Cromwell’s full piece at TheFirearmBlog here.

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  • maxfromca says:

    Stupid state, stupid laws… what is going on with CA??????

  • Bob says:

    No one seems to notice this will completely remove competitive rimfire sports from the state. As a .22 benchrest shooter I test ammunition and purchase by lot # a minimum of 5000 rounds at a time, all of which comes from out of state. I suppose my rifles could be re-purposed as stickball bats.

  • jibjab says:

    ill just make it unregistered and un traced and sell it to gangbangers

  • Mr. Common Sense says:

    California is run by a gaggle of complete morons… I feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to live there on a permanent basis.

  • clark says:

    received mail from cabelas 11-13 law includes bullets and brass. WHAT GIVES ???

    • Gil says:

      I also received a flyer from Cabelas which commented on the inability to purchase “reloading bullets, brass, magazines, and speed loaders”. They are incorrect in that statement as SB1235 section 16150 A applies to mail order of ‘constructed’ ammunition (for you and I) and section 16150 B applies to bullets, brass, magazines, and speed loaders (for prohibited persons, who cannot possess any type of firearm paraphernalia). You will still be able to mail order the individual components for reloading. Section 16150 A defines ammunition as one or more loaded cartridges consisting of a primer case, propellant, and with one or more (like a shotgun shell) projectiles.

    • Fermin says:

      Just received it to man what the hell I hate this state

  • Ellen says:

    I’d normally have no more than a couple thousand rounds in storage, and often much less. Today, I have over 20,000 rounds … and I’m still adding to my stock. Some rounds being of specialized nature e.g. 6.5 Creedmore SST and copper/aluminum hunting rounds are very hard to find locally. Neighbors admit they’re in the same situation having more ammo around than normally stored. I’d be anxious if I were a firefighter entering a burning home nowadays. If this brainfart law is about keeping a lid on ammo in CA, it’s not having that effect.

  • Dave says:

    It’s a sanctuary state I️ thought , these bastards can’t ask for registration or legal documents

  • 308 King says:

    I am sad to say I live in California, Idiots keep making laws that hurt law abiding citizens and have no affect on all the criminals. Politicians need to get there heads out of their ass!!!!

  • Joe says:

    No well in hell I would live in California. If you are live in Caliifornis are a gun owner. I would move out. Sometimes the state will show up to pick you and your guns. Get out quick.

  • RDias says:

    I just wish all the gun and ammo manufacturers would get together and collectively stop all sales and shipments to any government agency (police, jails, FBI, ETC) in a state that prohibits or limits its citizens to purchase, maintain, use or sell guns or ammo. If a state feels its citizens are not smart or responsible enough to have or use them then the government agencies run by those same citizens should not get to have or use them either.

  • Thomas says:

    With this new legislation, will it be legal for CA resident to drive to NV to purchase ammo?

  • Hal says:

    I’m a democrat (so don’t go screaming liberal bs). I think the law is worth a shot (pun). I believe that if in 5/10 years it is found to do nothing, it should be repealed. But I really think it will take years for it to have an affect. I mean I’m kind of pro gun because I know a nut can get a machete if guns were outlawed. But allowing the current system to keep going is similar to sanctioning it too. I don’t believe crime will drop all that much if you allowed everyone to carry. If anything, I got to believe there would be more accidents (kids or idiots getting them). Not meaning you guys, you guys are probably pros even on gun safety. But people in general are not, so even more guns will get into criminal hands.

    • TC says:

      Crime will go down when the punishment matches the offense and criminals are afraid to go to jail. Start making jail time “work” camp /hard labor and you would see crime go down. Criminals aren’t afraid to go to jail, law abiding citizens are. You could reduce jail time which would reduce costs and reduce repeat offenders. Laws made by politicians looking for a sound bite and reelection only effect law abiding citizens. CRIMINALS LAUGH AT THEM!

  • Roger says:

    I’ve already have boycotted everything California, Movies, produce, ect. And Jerry Brown has the nerve to ask for Federal Assistance!

  • Dwight Howard says:

    So we all complain about the new laws, I agree the laws shouldn’t be legal and they restrict the rights of law abiding citizens. But what the hell are we going to do about it? Sacramento could care less and the courts aren’t going to do anything about it, what can we do collectively?

    We allow them to make this a sanctuary state, we allow them to step on our rights and we sit idly by and continue to allow it. It’s time we stand up as a group and demand an explanation for why they pass laws that affect people who didn’t do anything wrong.

    I’m about to retire and I’ll be damned if I will retire in California. But while I’m here, I willing to fight the politicians, we need to figure out WHAT we’re going to do, bitching about it ain’t changing anything.

  • Dan says:

    What if you bring ammo into Nevada from California (that you bought there) and then return with unused rounds? How the hell do they enforce that?

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