PIN PAL .308/AR-10 by Cross Armory


  • Front takedown pin replacement – in heavily regulated states AR-10 owners are now opening their receivers with great frequency.  A more durable pin system is needed to prevent undue wear on the forward pivot point – the upper receiver’s take down pin hole
  • Lubricated captive bearing reduces wear – standard steel front takedown pins bear directly on the holes in the aluminum receivers. PIN PAL bears on a brass alloy bearing
  • Fits any standard AR-10 configuration – easily installs on virtually all AR-10 weapons. The bearing will fit into any upper receiver without special tools
  • Won’t permanently alter your weapon – If you decide to go with a different setup on your weapon, PIN PAL is easily removed and returned to the manufacturer’s factory set-up
  • 4140 ordnance steel – our front takedown pin is machined from 4140 steel with a melonite hard-coating for durability

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The Cross Armory PIN PAL .308/AR-10 is designed to reduce or eliminate that wear that will be caused by the repeated opening and closing of the upper and lower receivers, as now required by so-called assault weapon laws in states like California, New York, New Jersey and other states. The gun manufacturer never intended for the aluminum receivers to be frequently pivoted on a steel front takedown pin. This action will cause accelerated wear on the through-hole in the receiver causing the hole to expand and elongate. Fitment of the upper and lower receivers will become sloppy, making your weapon less dependable. Replacement of an upper receiver is an expensive proposition.

PIN PAL .308/AR-10 includes a pin, a locking nut and a brass alloy bearing. The pin and nut are  machined from 4140 Ordnance Steel for extreme durability. The custom machining of the assembly allows PIN PAL to be built to very tight tolerances.

PIN PAL .308/AR-10 is a simple and inexpensive solution to eliminate the wear of a standard steel takedown pin on the softer aluminum upper receiver. It’s bad enough that legal gun owners have to separate their receivers in order to reload. It will be far worse if an upper receiver has to be replaced as a result.


Instal Tips –

Do not force it in!

Depending on the fitment and AR parts in the build,  don’t force the bearing in to the upper or the pin in to the bearing/bushing, you may want to use a little sand paper on the outside of the bearing so it goes in the upper receiver hole smooth, and you may want to drill out the bearing inside diameter hole a bit if the pin is too tight.

The bearing should press in, but not with excessive force, you should be able to gently tap the bearing/busing in with a rubber hammer.  iF it does not go in easily, sand down the outside with some sandpaper and try again until you get a smooth press fit installation.

The pin should slide in to the bearing, if you have to force it in, the bearing has become compressed when it was installed in the upper receiver hole, making the ID of the bearing/bushing smaller.  Get a smaller drill bit and walk it around the inside surface of the bearing/bushing hole with a drill and open it up slightly. Test fitting and drilling multiple times, checking the fit each time.


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