PMAG Magazine Coupler Kit by Cross Armory
PMAG Magazine Coupler Kit by Cross Armory - 2
PMAG Double Stack - 4
PMAG Double Stack - Red
PMAG Double Stack - 2
Black PMAG 3
Black PMAG
Double Stack PMAG
PMAG Magazine Coupler Kit by Cross Armory - 3

PMAG 10 & PMAG MAGAZINE COUPLER Bundle by Cross Armory


  • MAGAZINE COUPLER Kit combines two AR-15 Magpul PMAG® 10s
  • Final product is the same size as a 30 round magazine
  • Fits any AR-15
  • 100% legal
  • Includes: 1-Coupler + 2-AR-15 Magpul PMAG® 10s

INCREASE AMMO – Easiest way to carry two magazines at once.

EXTREMELY FAST RELOAD TIME – When reloading, flip the DOUBLE STACK upside down and insert the fresh magazine. Swapping out mags just became a breeze.

Many States have implemented restricted round magazine laws; whether it’s 5, 10 or 15 rounds there is little purpose other than to frustrate the user and send him or her back to the loading bench. DOUBLE STACK connects two separate magazines with a patented locking key guaranteed not to fail.

DOUBLE STACK has been engineered and field tested to keep your gun balanced even with a second magazine attached, and to affect a lower center of gravity that helps you stay on target.

Although designed to help gun owners in restricted round states DOUBLE STACK will work with any capacity and any caliber magazine type.

Whether you’re protecting your family and property or just at the range, more rounds in your hand is always better.