Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers, so we cannot offer legal advice. However, we do think the law is reasonably clear as it relates to ARs. There have been several webinars presented by NRA and CRPA that discuss the law in detail as well. 

Two products and a simple installation process delivers the fastest reloading for AR-15 rifles using Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS and SAFE MAG.

Designed to make your guns legal in California, these AR-15 accessories provide the operator in regulated states an optimal experience, as the weapon was intended.

After quickly installing the QUICK PINS and SAFE MAG, the seamless integration allows for the fastest reloading with one pinch. Our bullet button solution allows for a one-step reload with no extra steps such as a to slow down the process.

To avoid the magazine falling to the ground, simply rotate the AR-15 45 degrees to the left or right, squeeze the QUICK PINS and pull the mag out. Push in a new magazine in and your ready to size up the target and fire in just seconds.

The QUICK PINS also automatically lock the upper and lower receivers in place and gives you the easiest access to the firing mechanism.

And pairing the QUICK PINS with Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG gives you the most reliable solution in states requiring disassembly of the weapon before reloading.

SAFE MAG, meanwhile, is an AR-15 mag lock device to ensure a fixed magazine. QUICK PINS also are compatible with AR-10 and .308 platforms.


To install the QUICK PINS, remove pins from AR-15’s main body (be careful to catch the springs inside).
Remove the rear takedown pin and allow the upper and lower receivers to separate. Loosen the castle nut and prevent the back plate from moving away too fast away from the lower receiver when loosening the castle nut. Remove the detent spring and pin, which allows the takedown pin to be removed.

Holding the buffer spring retainer pin, unscrew the buffer tube until it no longer impinges on the retainer pin. Remove the retainer pin, retainer pin spring and buffer tube.

Hold the QUICK PINS main body against the lower receiver and insert the alignment pin through the holes in the main body and lower receiver. Reinstall the buffer tube, buffer spring retainer spring and pin and the buffer spring. Tighten the castle nut and check the alignment.

Alignment between the QUICK PINS and lower receiver must be accurate. If the alignment rod cannot be removed, do not force it out. Instead realign the rod.

Once the castle nut is tight and rod removed, reinstall the pins into the main body.

Now you are ready to shoot, quickly reload your magazine and acquire the target all with the pinch of your fingers.

Check out our video tutorials for SAFE MAG, QUICK PINS and other products here. Note: there are three tutorial pages — one for AR-15, one for AR-10 and pistols (THUMB GRIP only).

Again, this is not a legal representation. We recommend that all of our clients do their own research by reading the law and regulations.

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