Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers, so we cannot offer legal advice. However, we do think the law is reasonably clear as it relates to ARs. There have been several webinars presented by NRA and CRPA that discuss the law in detail as well. 

In the land of regulated states, the AR mag lock rules over the populace due to regulations demanding a fixed magazine solution. As often happens after a senseless law has been passed, small business innovators have quickly provided new solutions.

The Cross Armory SAFE MAG provides a quick and easy solution for a fixed magazine release and lock systems for AR-15 and M4 rifles. It also delivers an effective replacement to the bullet button solution that has been banned and reaches the requirements demanded by the new California .

When the upper and lower receivers are separated, the SAFE MAG automatically releases the magazine without pushing a button. It prevents the removal of the magazine from your AR-15 (and AR-10 or M4 rifles) without disassembly of the action through proper installation of the SAFE MAG.

The firearm action of both the AR-15 and M4 rifles are housed in the upper and lower receivers. Separating the upper and lower receiver disables the firearm action and allows the magazine to be released.

The SAFE MAG allows for a new magazine to be inserted when the receivers are closed and without compromising the hardware of the weapon or SAFE MAG. This fixed magazine AR-15 is now ready to be used either on the range or for tactical practice.

In addition, when the SAFE MAG is paired with Cross Armory’s QUICK PINS, magazines changes are even more efficient and easier for the rifle operator.

SAFE MAG is the answer for AR-15 mag lock and release systems compared to alternative products.

Again, this is not a legal representation. We recommend that all of our clients do their own research by reading the law and regulations.

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