A necessity for any gun owner is to consistently keep the weapon clean. This ensures it functions properly and effectively and reduces time spent shooting on malfunctions.

Here in California, it is also important to clean and check the springs of your AR-15 magazine lock system, or bullet button solution, such as our SAFE MAG and QUICK PINS. In addition, it is important to keep the PIN PAL, our front takedown pin solution, lubricated.

But to keep your AR-15 (or any other weapon for that matter) working properly, here are some tips. Make sure the weapon is oiled and lubricated to ensure its functionality.

But first, find a clean open space. Make sure you have enough space to disassemble your AR-15/10 and place the parts in easy to find locations. The last thing you need is to realize you dropped or lost a part and have to breakdown the weapon and reassemble it (or even buy a new part!).

Getting started:

  • Point the rifle in a SAFE direction and remove the magazine.
  • Place the weapon on safe (don’t worry if you can’t because the hammer isn’t pulled back).
  • Lock the bolt to the rear.
  • Visually inspect the chamber and remove any ammunition that may not have been ejected and release the bolt.

The steps:

  • Separate the upper and lower receivers.
  • Remove the charging handle and carrier group.
  • Disassemble the bolt carrier group
  • Disassemble the bolt
  • Remove buffer and buffer spring from buffer tube
  • Clean the chamber and barrel, bolt carrier group, buffer assembly, charging handle and upper, and Fire Control Group and lower
  • Reassemble and lubricate
  • Perform a function check
  • Clean the magazines

For more about cleaning the AR-15, visit Pewpew Tactcial or Guns and Ammo.

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