Take a breath, relax and don’t panic if you have not configured your AR-15 in accordance with the new law.

When you wake up on July 1, your AR platform rifles must have either a fixed magazine solution, be featureless or already registered with the state.

Now that the June 30 deadline for California’s Bullet Button Ban has passed, AR-15 owners still can install a fixed magazine or featureless solution without fear of violating the law. In fact, as the deadline to register is now behind us, you MUST convert your rifle either to a fixed magazine or featureless. Owning a bullet button gun after July 1 is a felony.

If you have not yet registered or converted your AR the leading California gun lawyers recommend the following:

1) Separate your upper and lower receivers completely. This means pulling out both takedown pins and taking the two halves of your gun apart. Keep your rifle disassembled, both when stored in your safe and while transporting it, until you have converted it with a compliant solution.

2) Either install a fixed magazine solution such as our SAFE MAG (or SAFE MAG 2 or AR FIXED MAG) and QUICK PINS; or go featureless (if you have an adjustable stock, install our STOCK LOCK for compliance).

4) Enjoy your AR-15 at the range or favorite shooting location.

It’s that easy.

Cross Armory products are patented and designed to ensure compliance with current law. We will still provide our customers with an array of California compliant options even as the registration deadline as passed. It is our understanding that registration is no longer an option after July 1. AR rifle owners must either make their rifles fixed magazine or featureless if they are to be compliant. This applies to rifles you already own and to new builds you may do in the future.

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