New from Cross Armory, the Legion slide series!

Drop In Fit for – Glock G19/G17/G43 and p80 compatible

H900 Heat Treated 17-4 Stainless Steel (compare to all others using non stainless material)

Increased Tolerance Fitment

Reduced Friction reset ramp

Weight Reduced Slide

RMR CUT – Fits all RMR pattern Red Dot Optics

True Grip deep cut serrations – for grip with muddy or bloody hands

CNC machine cut form billet 17-4 Stainless

Smooth Slide Line at bottom of slide – to prevent forward thumb friction

Window cuts – top and sides to reduce heat and improve accuracy through dimensional stability

Legion Series – has corresponding matching barrel

INCLUDES – 1 slide, 1 cover plate (installed), 2 cover plate screws (installed)

Cover Plate will be Black – and is intended to be removed and replaced with an optic

The Roman LEGION was the most powerful War Machine in the ancient world.

While all legions played an important role, only a few gained great fame. Highly disciplined, well-organized, and fearsome, the Roman army was arguably the greatest military force in world history. The Cross Armory LEGION series of Slides and Barrels are at the forefront of engineering excellence, giving its users an unfair advantage over their adversaries, similar to the history of the Legions, who wielded only the best and defeated all in their way. We crafted this slide from the books of history, designed to have function follow form, likening the design to the Romans. The model is called out in Roman numerals, giving a universal understanding of form and function in any language, on any battlefield. The grips and weight reduction widows design is in proportion to the great Roman pillars of the earth, while serving function to your weapon.

The LEGION series is designed to match slide and barrel, but all LEGION parts can work flawlessly and independently with any factory slide or barrel combination. This slide is crafted from 17-4 billet Stainless Steel and CNC machined to the highest match grade standards. With reduced weight and a RMRRed Dot optic cut. The windows have been cut on the sides and top to reduce weight and improve barrel temperature stability without compromising function. The performance has been increased by our reduced friction trigger reset ramp, which creates a smoother movement across the trigger connector as the slide cycles. On the outside our True Grip serrations allow for slide manipulation with sweaty, muddy or bloody hands. Guaranteeing grip on your slide in the harshest of conditions and when it matters the most. We also engineered a Smooth Slide Line, low on the slide and forward of the breach, in order to prevent friction from the forward hands thumb, guaranteeing smooth clean slide cycling, every time. At Cross Armory, we elevate accuracy and innovation.

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