Cross Armory Releases AR FIXED MAG

The solution to ease the burden for all AR-style owners in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is now on the market. The AR FIXED MAG, engineered by Cross Armory, is a permanent magazine locking system for AR-10, AR-15 and M4 rifles. The AR FIXED MAG prevents the removal of the magazine (without damaging the

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ICYMI: THUMB GRIP Provides Correct Off-Hand Placement for Pistol Shooting

Developing a more resourceful solution to maximize a shooter’s off hand, Cross Armory engineered the THUMB GRIP. A simple, yet effectively accessory that fits on all pistols under the rail, the product was designed as shooters evolve toward a maximum surface-contact style. The THUMB GRIP delivers increased accuracy, reduced recoil, strengthened grip and more confidence

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