Modular Operational Medical Systems Belt Full Kit – tan/coyote by Cross Armory


  • Hypalon in strategic areas provides splash proofing and extra wear resistance. 
  • G clips on the MOMS Lid allows the lid to be moved to the bottom or top of the main pouch, depending on the wearer’s preference. 
  • Each pouch has a Velcro loop wall for attachment of Velcro hook, compatible with Velcro hooked medical supply packages
  • Bungee loops Velcro inside each pouch on a built-Velcro wall, allowing items to stay put until needed.
  • Bungee on main pouch allows for 100ml IV bag.
  • Top of lid perfectly fits a drug box.

MOMS Belt Full Kit includes:

1 large fanny pack with lid and belt

1 large pouch

2 medium pouches

2 small pouches

2 large stretch loops

3 medium stretch loops

3 small stretch loops

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MOMS Belt Full Kit

The Modular Operational Medical Systems Belt or MOMS Belt is designed specifically for team medics as a modular bag, customizable to individual preference. Having medical items separated and compartmentalized is key when in an emergency or dark situations. 

MOMS Belt is designed to go right above the belt, tight over the belly. It provides back support without pinching and a breathable mesh against the body. MOMS Belt has a low profile and will not stick out past a plate carrier. Wearers will be able to use MOMS Belt without running into walls in the “House.”


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