Developing a more resourceful solution to maximize a shooter’s off hand, Cross Armory engineered the THUMB GRIP.

A simple, yet effectively accessory that fits on all pistols under the rail, the product was designed as shooters evolve toward a maximum surface-contact style. The THUMB GRIP delivers increased accuracy, reduced recoil, strengthened grip and more confidence for shooters.

The THUMB GRIP provides the roadmap for proper technique, while developing good shooting habits, methods professional shooters and U.S. Special Forces have been using for years without accessories.

One goal to achieve efficiency was to get a shooter’s off hand up to the barrel height and forward. In this position, a shooters accuracy and response to recoil improves.

With more control over the recoil, pistol and with a tight grip, the target is easier to reacquire.

The positioning of the THUMB GRIP is easily attached to the pistols lower rail, providing a location to rest a shooters thumb on their off hand. This is the correct hand positioning.

In addition, it also gives the shooter another place to apply forward pressure and grip strength, which improves efficiency, accuracy, stability and reduces recoil.

Our product is the perfect tool for novice and intermediate shooters or those looking to break bad habits and become a more effective and accurate shooter.

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