Cross Armory’s revolutionary design and engineering brings greater accuracy, reduces recoil and strengthens the grip and confidence of shooters.

The THUMB GRIP was the launching pad for Cross Armory and is one of the most popular products the company produces. It takes just minutes to install and is a perfect for those shooters aiming for increasing their skills on the range.

It fits on the lower rail of any pistol under the barrel and in front of the trigger and is set with just three screws.

Many shooters are unaware of the proper technique according to military special ops teams to line up the perfect shot. The THUMB GRIP correctly places the left thumb of the grip, securing the hands in the proper position for maximum contact with the pistol and safely away from the slide.

Placing the thumb on the THUMB GRIP pad gives an additional pressure point directly in line with the barrel, above the pistols grip, thus reducing the recoil.

This technique keeps the barrel level and allows the shooter to re-acquire the target significantly faster after each shot. It also gives the shooter a tight grip without influencing your trigger finger or trigger pull.

The THUMB GRIP is the perfect tool for novice and intermediate shooters or those looking to break bad habits and become a more effective and accurate shooter.

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