THUMB GRIP by Cross Armory


  • INCREASE ACCURACY – Naturally places left hand thumb on the pad of grip, putting your hands in the correct shooting position for maximum contact with the pistol, safely away form the slide.
  • REDUCE RECOIL – Placing ones thumb on the pad provides an additional pressure point in line with the barrel and above the pistols grip, allowing for in line recoil reduction. This keeps the barrel down and allows for faster re-acquisition of a target after each shot.
  • FITS ANY PISTOL WITH A RAIL – Thumb Grip slides on to the lower rail (under the barrel, in front of the trigger) picatinny or weaver, and secures with two horizontal screws and a vertical set screw.
  • PERFECT PISTOL TRAINING DEVICE – Thumb Grip naturally keeps a shooters hands in a strong and safe shooting position.
  • STRENGTHENS GRIP AND CONFIDENCE – Keeps your grip tight on the pistol, without influencing your trigger finger and trigger pull. New shooters, women and kids typically said they “feel better” or “more confident” holding and shooting with the thumb grip attached.

Cross Armory’s Thumb Grip is a pistol accessory focused on accuracy and improving  control and confidence for all shooters.

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The Cross Armory Thumb Grip, designed to make everyone a better and more consistent shooter.

With pistol shooting evolving toward a “maximum surface contact” style, we wanted to develop a way to use our off hand in a more efficient way. The challenge was getting in this “full contact” position comfortably, without contacting the moving slide.

Professionals and Special Forces have used this style for years now, but without the help of aiming accessories. We wanted to put the power back in our hands, both of them.
Getting the off hand up to the barrel height and forward was the main goal. This position should aid accuracy and improve the user’s response to recoil. With better control of the recoil the target can be re-acquired more quickly.

The Thumb Grip by Cross Armory is designed to easily attach to a pistols lower rail. When the Thumb Grip is attached to a pistols rail, it gives the user a place to rest their off hands thumb, which naturally puts the user’s hands in the correct position while keeping clear of the slide.

The Thumb Grip also gives the user an additional place to apply forward pressure and grip strength, which subsequently improves accuracy, reduces recoil and increases stability.

The Thumb Grip is a simple solution, that can be easily added or removed from a pistol, to help train you or your loved ones to shoot like the pros!


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