PIN PAL Preserves Your AR-15

Please keep in mind that we are not lawyers, so we cannot offer legal advice. However, we do think the law is reasonably clear as it relates to ARs. There have been several webinars presented by NRA and CRPA that discuss the law in detail as well.  Steel and aluminum don’t mix, especially concerning the

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THUMB GRIP Reinforces Proper Pistol Technique

Developing a more resourceful solution to maximize a shooter’s off hand, Cross Armory engineered the THUMB GRIP. A simple, yet effective accessory that fits on all pistols with a lower rail, the product was designed as shooting technique has evolved toward a maximum surface-contact style. The THUMB GRIP delivers increased accuracy, improved recoil response, strengthened

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Fixed Magazine Versus Featureless

There are two schools of thought in the Golden State when it comes to California compliance with the AR-15. Due to the overreach of the state and its overburdening laws, AR-15 owners are forced to choose between having a fixed magazine AR-15 (or AR-10) or going featureless. Both options do not require registering the weapon.

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