Some AR-15 Rear Takedown Pins Not Compliant

An example of rear takedown pin solution that still allows the AR-15 to fire even when the receivers are "separated."

There is some pressing news regarding AR-15 rear takedown pin products for California gun owners. With the June 30 Bullet Button Ban deadline rapidly approaches, AR-15 owners need to be aware that some products being marketed as “compliance solutions” and “California legal” are anything but. In an attempt to find new solutions for California gun

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How to go Featureless Before June 30

As the June 30 deadline fast approaches for AR-15 and other rifle owners to register, going featureless is another option to avoid registration. June 30 is the last day before the law changes and requires AR-15 owners to be compliant with the new laws and regulations. The State of California is mandating three options: go

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Fixed Magazine Versus Featureless

There are two schools of thought in the Golden State when it comes to California compliance with the AR-15. Due to the overreach of the state and its overburdening laws, AR-15 owners are forced to choose between having a fixed magazine AR-15 (or AR-10) or going featureless. Both options do not require registering the weapon.

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Cross Armory Releases AR FIXED MAG

The solution to ease the burden for all AR-style owners in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is now on the market. The AR FIXED MAG, engineered by Cross Armory, is a permanent magazine locking system for AR-10, AR-15 and M4 rifles. The AR FIXED MAG prevents the removal of the magazine (without damaging the

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